The Spirit of the Tarot
The Search for God's Picturebook

The cards are just pieces of paper that are printed by U.S. Games. The seriousness that you bring to the way that you work with them is the magic. It’s about your intention, your own willingness to access your subconscious, to look at that creative part of your brain that understands symbols and metaphors and to accept that maybe you aren’t the know-it-all that you thought that you were, and there might be something that a divination device can help you understand about yourself. But you have to be willing to go there. And some people really aren’t. And if they want to use it as a game, I’m not offended by that.

Lunaea Weatherstone, quoted in David Ian Miller, “Finding my Religion: A pagan priestess talks about Halloween and the Tarot,” Special to SF Gate. October 30, 2006.