The Spirit of the Tarot
The Search for God's Picturebook

The Sacred India Tarot

0 The Wild Card Rudra Shiva  The Dwara reveals: The aloof Vedic god Rudra, who metamorphosed into Shiva, is an untamed irrepressible energy, dementedly carrying all creation before him. Rudra means “The Howler” and he is a glorious outsider even in India’s distinctive pantheon Rudra Shiva is both a personification of the Vedic order as well as transcendent of it, paradoxically deploying chaos energy to accomplish worthy and creative events…Rudra is the new beginning in every ending, the grace that lurks behind every affliction, the wise consciousness that accepts existence instead of only trying to understand it…(59-60)

Rohit Arya (creator) and Jane Adams (artist)

Copyright 2011 by Yogi Impressions Books Pvt. Ltd.. Used with permission.