The Spirit of the Tarot
The Search for God's Picturebook

Autonomic Tarot

0 The Fool  The frontman steps up to the microphone and demonstrates the move they call the three-in-one (also: Aleph, Adonai, Aum), which is naught. The Fool’s staff, which previously he carried over his shoulder with all his worldly possessions, is now a microphone stand for the chanters, and the reifiers, which is singular, again and again. The Fool is the perfect symbol of the not-there that precedes the here. Who would agree to come down to earth, to suffer incarnation, but a fool. (Major Arcana and 8 pip cards)

Sophy Hollington (artist) and David Keenan (writer)
Rough Trade Books

Copyright © Sophy Hollington 2018 Copyright © David Keenan 2018. Used with permission.