The Spirit of the Tarot
The Search for God's Picturebook

Pistis Sophia, The Goddess Tarot, Kim Huggens (author) and Nic Phillips (artist), Red Feather Mind, Body, Spirit, 2020

IV The Construct (The Emperor)  Nuwa –  Chinese  In a time of chaos, when the Earth has been flooded and fires raged across its surface, caused by warring gods seeking dominion, the snake-tailed goddess of order, Nuwa, puts an end to chaos by establishing the four pillows of the world and reaffixing the heavens in their proper place, filling the holes created by the damage with five colored stones. Her dominion is vast, and her role crucial for the continuation of the order of Earth…Her skirts are the width of the sky, but her worship has dwindled to nothing more than the names of mountains.