The Spirit of the Tarot
The Search for God's Picturebook

Sol Invictus, The God Tarot, Kim Huggens (author) and Nic Phillips (artist), Schiffer Publishing, 2007

The Creative (traditionally the Empress) Lugh Samildanach – Irish  Lugh Samildanach, the many-skilled, stands before a corn field as it approaches harvest. At his feet is a basket of fruits and vegetables from the summer’s growing season, and above his head is a beehive buzzing with activity. Lugh bears a blazing red sun on his chest to mimic the bright sunlight of the day and to attest to his status as Sun God, whilst a tool belt hangs at his hip ready for creative use…he holds a long spear with the runes Jera, Berkana, and Ingwaz on its shaft. He stands by a birch tree, from which a peaceful green man stares.