The Spirit of the Tarot
The Search for God's Picturebook

The Sufi Tarot

“Sabr or Temperance in traditional tarot is a card about balance, patience, and a form of acceptance that connects us to our angelic nature. It points to the benefits of creating equilibrium—not just between the inner and the outer, the Baatin and the Zahir, but also between emotion and logic, the spiritual and the physical, and earth and water. The being we see stand hal in water and hal on land, balancing the material with the ether consciousness connected to the higher realms and bringing the two into perfect harmony until they merge. Sabr teaches us to blend dualities and bring together that which may seem disparate. As the Sufis say, God is to be found where opposites meet. “

 Ayeda Husain,  The Sufi Tarot Guidebook, 2022,  31, Hay House, Inc., Carlsbad, CA. Used with permission.